I think you could say it must have been fate that today we are breeders of Standard Poodles. It was 1995 when four masked men, by gun point, entered our home. They were shouting, threatening and they stole as much as they could haul in two vehicles. It was an experience that would change our lives forever. The bad guys were never caught. We lived in constant fear. We invested a small fortune in securing every inch of our property with alarms and cameras yet I still didn’t feel safe.

I knew that the only thing that would make me feel safe was to get a dog. Six months earlier I put a dog to sleep due to a long illness. It was then that I swore I would never own another dog. After all, we all know that it breaks your heart to lose your best friend and I said I would never go through that again. But because of my reason for needing a dog, this time it would be different. I would not get attached. I would not fall in love. I would barely like the new dog. He would be here ONLY to protect me.

The new dog had to be a guard dog and yet not vicious. With lots of company and grandchildren I didn’t want to worry about a dog attacking everyone. I wanted a dog that didn’t shed because of allergies in my family. I wanted a very intelligent and obedient dog. I wanted a medium to large dog. I knew what I wanted but I couldn’t put a breed name to it. I found a website by Purina called breed selector. I answered all their questions and by the click of the mouse was told that I should get a Standard Poodle. I remember laughing out loud. I then had my husband answer the same questions and he was informed that he should get a Standard Poodle. He also laughed out loud. I got on-line and studied every breed except the Standard Poodle. In each case I found traits I didn’t want. Then finally I started to read and learn about the Standard Poodle. They weren’t anything like I thought they would be.

We attended dog shows and found some breeders. I located and bought Titan, my first Standard. We were told he was not show quality. I didn’t care. Remember I wasn’t even going to like him! He was a 12 week old big boy who would grow up to protect me. It must have taken all of two minutes to fall head over heals in love with this boy. He became everything to us. I am sure that our friends and family were sick of hearing how perfect Titan was. To us he would have been a beautiful show dog too but we had had him neutered at six months. You can’t show a neutered dog and besides we were told he wasn’t show quality from the beginning.
We attended several dog shows just to see other poodles. We laughed at the poodles in the ring with their hair styles and remarked how we would never do that to any dog. I had two friends that showed other breeds. Both friends kept saying that I should get a show dog. I kept saying no way. I was not interested in the bizarre hair styles of the poodles.

When Titan turned a year old I knew I HAD to have another poodle and this time I wanted a show dog. I informed my husband of this decision and told him it had to be a girl. It took us a long time to find the right female. I wanted quality, temperament and health. It was by luck that I was told about this female who was “pick of the litter” and was available. I fell in love with her the minute I saw her. We named her “Blair”. Blair was everything we could hope for. She had a wonderful career and became a champion. After her championship we took her to several vets to have a series of tests performed to verify, genetically, that she was free of health problems. Once this was proven Blair became our foundation bitch.
And that’s how we started

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